Parking and Hotel Route System

In Goslar nearly 2,000 parking spaces in public car parks and parking garages (some free of charge) are available in the core area of the Old Town or in the immediate proximity. The parking routing system guarantees you of finding a free space quickly and easily.

Colour-coded directions

First decide where you would like to park and in which area the parking lot is situated (example: “Zentrum” = centre). Then follow the colour-coded signing which indicates the areas of Zentrum (centre), Innenstadtring (inner city ring), Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace) or Altstadt (Old Town) and the car parks or garages.

  • City Centre: yellow and green
  • Inner City Ring: grey
  • Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace): red
  • Old Town: blue

A map showing all the colour-coded routes can be downloaded here.

If your chosen parking area has no vacancies, you can choose an alternative and with the help of the parking routing system drive there directly.

Every vehicle entering or exiting each parking facility connected to the system is electronically registered. This data is then transmitted to a central processor that controls the indicator panels so that you can immediately see where vacant parking spaces are available.

Route to your hotel

The hotel routing system helps you find an accommodation in Goslar without a long search, and the best way to get there, too. Look at one of the information boards situated on the roads leading in to Goslar. Then follow the colour-coded route until another direct indication sign appears.

Further information

If you should have further questions please call us:

Stadt Goslar
Fachbereich Stadtentwicklung, Bauen (town development & building department)
Phone 0049 (0) 5321-704417

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