Meet and stay in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Goslar and let the excellent facilities contribute to a successful meeting in an exceptional ambience.

All sights and venues can easily be reached on foot.

Broaden you point of view, learn to work in teams, acquire new skills, solve problems "away from the maddening crowds". In Goslar you can find the dream combination of history within the Old Town walls and the nature of the Harz Mountains. The stage where world history had been made is now open to you.

Special Locations

Over 1000 years ago emperors and kings were already holding conference meetings in Goslar, finding here the appropriate surroundings to combine work and pleasure. What the crowned heads of yore found suitable is today available for your meeting. In Goslar you can emerge yourself in the ambience of years gone by without compromising on modern comforts. You will find authentic locations and extraordinary surroundings to free your mind and open it to new ideas.

Supplemental activities

Listening. Watching. Discussing. Making decisions. When minds are challenged the bodies yearn for compensation. The combination of culture and nature frees the mind for new viewpoints and opens it up to creative ideas. Despite its medieval flair, which inspired many great poets in the past, Goslar is a vivacious town and offers numerous possibilities to help your meeting be unusually successful. And that is surely what counts: the success!

Convention facilities with overnight accommodation

Historic timber framework, cobbled pavements steeped in history and a medieval townscape surrounded by modern technology and comfort. If the day starts with birds’ twittering instead of the rush and clamour of the streets then a great day is ahead. The hotels of Goslar combine professional dedication with a very personal hospitality. These are the prerequisites for making your meeting a great collection of new ideas and a happening your participants will remember many years later.

Your event – our coordination

We will be happy to carry out the planning and realisation of your event and the coordination of hotel rooms as your on-site contact. We always have an open ear for all your questions.

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