St. Jacob’s Church

With its two sturdy west spires, the St. Jacob’s church rises up near the Neuwerk convent. The former basilica, first mentioned 1073, underwent numerous structural alterations and the religious altercations of the Reformation in the 16th century. Martin Luther gave a delegation from Goslar a letter in reply to demands from the town council that the Reformation be introduced in Goslar, called the Articuli Jacobifarum, in which he supported the citizens’ Reformation zeal but was against any violent actions. The Articuli Jacobifarum is in the town archives and the Luther Letter is in the Market Church.

1803 St. Jacob’s Church once again became Catholic and was given valuable interior furnishings from the Riechenberg Monastery, which had been destroyed. The Marienklage Pieta by Hans Witten, from 1510, is of particular art history importance. The altar and pews are Baroque. Today the St. James church is the oldest church in Goslar still in use. The congregations of St. Barbara in the suburb of Sudmerberg and St. Conrad in Oker also belong to the church community.

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