Kaiserpfalz Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, built between 1040 and 1050 during the reign of Heinrich III, is a unique secular architecture monument. For more than 200 years German and European history was made here. In the St. Ulrich Chapel at the south end a stone sarcophagus with the figure of Heinrich III on the cover houses the gold capsule containing the heart of the emperor, who died in 1056.

In the late 19th century both the Palace and the Chapel were renovated extensively and the interior of the Palace upper hall was decorated with monumental murals by H. Wislicenus. The ground floor has an extensive exhibition of itinerant imperial rule. The Imperial Palace is a “must” for every Goslar visitor.

Opening hours:

daily: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed during special events, for more information please check our event calendar.


Adults EUR 7.50
Children/Youth EUR 4.50

Admission for groups of 10 or more:
Adults EUR 6.00
Children/Youth EUR 4.00


Kaiserbleek 6, 38640 Goslar
Phone: (Kasse) 0049 (0) 5321-3119693
Phone: (Shop) 0049 (0) 5321-3119694
Fax 0049 (0) 5321-3119699


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