Town Hall and Hall of Homage

The Goslar Town Hall is, indeed, a building of the centuries: the east wing with the arcades opening onto the Market Square was begun in the middle of the 15th century and over the following 400 years the Town Hall was continually extended and enlarged. Today its overall impression is determined by the 16th century additions: a period of great prosperity for Goslar, which, as a member of Hanseatic League and a Free Imperial City, profited from the flourishing mining industry.

The Town Hall still serves its original purpose, housing the Lord Mayor’s Office and the hall where the Town Council still discuss the weal of the town under the beautiful star-studded wooden ceiling.

The Hall of Homage was set up as a council chamber between 1505 and 1520. It is a unique jewel of late Gothic interior decoration: its walls, the ceiling and even the window alcoves are completely covered with wood panel paintings.

Each painting is an artwork of quality, contributing to the overwhelming complete ensemble. Richly carved wood decorations surround each painting. After many years of restoration the room is now protected by complex environmental protection devices so that this masterpiece can be preserved for future generations.


A new exhibit concept, giving the viewer the experience of being in the actual room has recently been realised. In a somewhat smaller but faithfully reproduced model of the room the viewer is transported by a multimedia presentation into the past. Have a seat on benches just like the councilmen of Goslar 500 years ago and enjoy the presentation!

The Hall of Homage is closed until 2023 due to construction work on the Town Hall.


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