Goslar – UNESCO World Heritage Ore Mine Rammelsberg and Old Town

Visit Goslar and see the architectural beauty of our town created by Goslar citizens over the centuries. Touch all the wonders, large and small, which have led to Goslar becoming one of the most treasured towns in Europe. Breathe the unique mixture of medieval flair and the nature-rich environment of the Harz Mountains. Sample the diverse pleasures for palate and mind.

Take a discovery tour with your group! We recommend a walking tour under the expert guidance of one of our trained guides.

Current Information: Please make sure to use mouth and nose cover during the tour and practice social distancing. Thanks for your understanding.

Culture Pure

Discover a World Heritage Site

The classic walking tour through the historic centre spanning many epochs.

Price for groups of up to 16 persons:

Duration Language Price
1,5 hours foreign
EUR 80.00
2 hours foreign
EUR 96.00


Tracing Mining in Goslar’s Streets Experience a guided tour through the 500-year-old miners’ residential area and go inside a house where miners lived. The Role of Women in the Middle Ages Learn about the lives of very different women in the Middle Ages e.g. midwives, brewery maids, dosser-women and whores. Traces of Jews in Goslar Learn about the history of the Jewish community and visit the 400-year-old Jewish cemetery with numerous well-preserved tombstones. Please note that guided tours cannot take place on Friday afternoon, Saturday or on Jewish holidays. A head covering (e.g. hat, yarmulke) is required for male visitors of the cemetery.


Adventure Tours

Imperial Town and Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz)

Guided Old Town tour including guided tour inside the Imperial Palace with its monumental wall murals and exhibits about travelling imperial rulers and the imperial history of Goslar.

Price for groups of up to 10 people
duration approx. 2 hours:

  • Foreign language*: EUR 150.00

Goslar – Customized short trips

We also create customised Goslar programmes according to your wishes. For this a service fee of 25 Euros is required which is then credited at completion of the confirmed booking. We recommend early booking and request written bookings. By bookings of day programmes and short trips for 20 paying guests we grant one additional person free. All prices include VAT. We will be happy to send you our General Terms and Conditions of Business on request.

General information

(*) On request we offer guided tours in English, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Czech, Norwegian and Russian. We will also be happy to assist with guided tours for deaf, visually handicapped and blind people.

The Rammelsberg World Heritage Mines offer special tours for school classes, children and youth groups.

We will be happy to help you arrange covered wagon rides through the Harz National Park, on request with typical Harz region food and drink.

Requests & Bookings
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