Small Holy Cross

Like the Great Holy Cross and the St. Anne’s Foundation, the Small Holy Cross today no longer functions as a home for the elderly. Today it is used by the Frankenberg parish as a church community building; the small rooms are used for youth groups, hobby activities and mothers with children, while the hall serves as a meeting place after church on Sunday, and for lectures and concerts. A group within the church community is responsible for meeting the maintenance costs. This usage of a publicly-owned building by the church is in harmony with the founding fathers’ concept.

One chamber is especially set up as commemorative room for the Bible translator Herman Menge. Menge was born in Seesen in 1841, studied classic languages and history from 1860 until 1864 in Göttingen and worked as grammar school teacher and director until 1900. After his early retirement he moved to Goslar in 1905, where he dedicated himself to translating the Bible.

A photo documentation in the hall of the Small Holy Cross exhibits pictures of the Frankenberg Church and the Claus Chapel. A weather-beaten Romanesque stone taken from town wall depicting two saints - perhaps Peter and Paul- the patron saints of the Frankenberg Church - can also be seen.

Opening hours:

During the summer months: in the forenoon, by arrangement with the church office.


Phone: 0049 (0) 5321-22464 or 22566
Fax 0049 (0) 5321-1566



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