Great Holy Cross

In 1254 the Great Holy Cross was founded as an almshouse for the town’s needy. Here the poor, the ill and orphans, as well as pilgrims and other travellers, could receive food and shelter. Today, unique in Germany, it still serves its original purpose - 750 years after its founding it provides modern accommodations for the elderly in an adjoining wing. The small individual rooms built into the main hall of the 13th century building in the Baroque period are now used as studios and shops for artisans, making the important national monument a lively centre of culture.

Arts and Crafts at the Great Holy Cross

The Great Holy Cross offers the lively atmosphere of artisans’ workshops in a historical setting:

  • Seven small doorways lead from a medieval hall to little rooms in which local artisans proffer goods made of glass, paper, pottery, gold and textiles.
  • Glass Studio with Glass Gallery (inner court). Unique art of well-known artists, glass jewellery, glass figurines, glass for decorative and utilitarian use. Enjoy the fascinating selection of glass objects.
  • Wood Studio (inner court). Artistically hand-crafted objects for decorative and utilitarian use. Bags, watches, writing utensils and much more.

Opening hours:

Daily (except Monday) from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
From January to March: Sunday closed
Admission free 


Kunsthandwerk im Großen Heiligen Kreuz
Hoher Weg 7, 38640 Goslar
Phone: 0049 (0) 5321-21800


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